InnoCAFE#24 Brand architecture and the value of why feat. Kontrapunkt

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 19:30 - 21:00

Tokyo Office, Innovator Japan

TAKI Build Omotesando 3F, Jingumae 5-42-13, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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About the event

Executive Director at Denmark's leading design agency Kontrapunkt, Rikke Nalepa Olesen, explores the trend of purpose branding. How can a brand create value with a unique and differentiating "why", and how do you make a purpose come to life across the entire brand experience from visual identity and typography to actions and services?

Rikke will also touch upon the subject of brand architecture and explain why it pays off to focus your efforts and brand building on few but strong brands without compromising on flexibility and innovation.


  • Marketer
  • Brand Manager
  • Public Relations
  • People interested in the power of brand architecture


Time Contents
19:00〜 Open the door
19:30〜 Introduction of Rikke and Kontrapunkt
19:40〜 Rikke's session ~How can a brand create value with a unique and differentiating "why"~
20:40〜 Q&A
20:50〜 Reflection
21:00〜 Networking party
22:00  Closing


Rikke Nalepa Olesen
Executive Director & Partner of Kontrapunkt

Rikke leads Kontrapunkt’s Strategy division and has over 10 years of experience with strategic work in the field of branding, communication and concept development. With a keen analytical sense, she develops brands and helps clients deliver a unique and coherent brand promise across all platforms.

Rikke’s area of expertise is corporate branding, brand architecture, and digital brand strategy. Rikke has advised clients such as IKEA, DFDS, Nordisk Film, LEGO, Copenhagen Airports, Den Blå Planet, DGI, Egmont, Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg.

About Kontrapunkt

Kontrapunkt is the leading Scandinavian design agency. Design is the magic we use to translate human needs and winning ideas into meaningful brand experiences that move, inspire and add to the greater good.


About InnoCAFE

We, Innovator Japan Inc., believe that new ideas pop up during free conversation.
We started this series "◯◯ × Innovation" so in each InnoCAFE, we bring guests for different topics. We invite the participants to think and create new ideas together.
InnoCAFE is a place for everyone to give their ideas and opinions so we can gain from each other.

Important Notice

  • We will be taking photos for company PR, please let us know if you are not comfortable for that.
  • Please hand in your name card at the reception.
  • The auto lock on the first floor will be unlocked on the day of event.Please come to the third floor by the elevator.
  • If you got lost, please call to 070-5086-7046 or ask @innovator_jp on Twitter

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